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Finding True Refuge:
Teachers and Leaders

Meditation teachers and leaders share their own pathways of finding refuge in the face of difficulty. View more Finding True Refuge stories on YouTube.

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Rick HansonRick Hanson was diagnosed with a melanoma after his brother-in-law died from a tumor. Thanks to many years of meditation, he was able to feel a deep sense of peace underneath the feeling of distress that emerges with such disconcerting news. (3:17)

Krishna DasKrishna Das asked his Guru how to meditate and he told him to "meditate like Jesus". When he asked him how, this is what he said... (3:45)

Eric KolvigEric came to meditation because he was on a "death trajectory." Suffering from severe post traumatic stress disorder and depression, there had been hospitalizations, electric shock treatment, medications, but nothing seemed to work, until he found meditation. Teaching Vipassana Meditation since 1985, Eric dedicates his life to teaching others. (3:58)

Tsoknyi RinpocheTsoknyi Rinpoche began chanting when he was just 5 years old. In this short interview, Rinpoche shares a story about trying to cross a glass bridge in a skyscraper and terrified, how meditation helped him. Rinpoche has a new book out called Open Heart, Open Mind, to learn more, go to (4:51)

Jonathan FoustJonathan tells a compelling story of being on a month long silent retreat, getting horrible pain in his back that no yoga, deep relaxation or visualizations would resolve. Only after surrendering to the pain and as it turns out a deep seeded betrayal from years before, did the pain subside. (4:35)

Tara BrachTara Brach shares an emotional story how meditation helps her find peace and refuge every day as she learns to live with a genetic disease that affects her mobility. She tells a touching story of her whole family going to the beach without her and the realization that she needed to find peace and happiness in her life no matter what. (4:13)

Congressman Tim RyanCongressman Tim Ryan, guest speaker for IMCW, thinks he's a little bit "nicer" since he started meditating. He found the courage to "come out" and share with the world how important meditating is to him since he started meditating. He recently wrote a book called, "A Mindful Nation." To learn more about his work, go to (2:49)


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