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New to Meditation?
Here's a Start on "How to Meditate"

How to Meditate Booklet download

"Students new to meditation often mention the value of learning to focus and settle the mind, but they also name something more basic. As one person put it recently, 'Just having those moments to be quiet is a gift to my soul.' It is a gift to the soul. Stepping out of the busyness, stopping our endless pursuit of getting somewhere else, is perhaps the most beautiful offering we can make to our spirit." ~ True Refuge (2013)

Why Meditate? from Tara Brach on Vimeo.

NOTE: The talks and guided meditations below are freely available. All audio files are in .mp3 format - you can play them on your computer, iPod, or other .mp3 player. To download, right-click (or Control-click on the Mac) and select "Save As" or "Save Target As."

2-Part Series: Introduction to Meditation

These two classes cover the basic instructions for Buddhist mindfulness (vipassana or insight) meditation. The first class explores the attitude we bring to meditation that makes it rewarding, and the training that helps us in "coming back" from thoughts. The second class guides us in "being here," in cultivating a mindful awareness that recognizes and accepts what is happening in the present moment. Both classes include guided meditations and valuable reminders that can support you in developing a rich meditation practice.
Listen in here! ~ See the videos here!

4-Part Series: Introduction to Meditation

Tara explored the art and science of Buddhist mindfulness and heart meditations. The series was designed to benefit new students as well as experienced practitioners who want to refresh their understanding of the core teachings and principles in meditative practice.
Listen in here! ~ See the videos here!

Basic Meditations:  
Guided Meditation - "Gateway to Presence" 10:00
Guided Meditation - "A Moment of Calm" (requires Adobe Flash) 10:00
Guided Meditation - "Coming Home to Presence" 13:27
Guided Meditation - "Homecoming: A Mindful Awareness" 24:00
Guided Meditation - "In the Body" 25:33
Walking Meditation - Instructions (audio)
Walking Meditation - Instructions (.pdf - from Tara)

Meditations That Free the Heart: (from retreats)  
Guided Meditation - "Loving Kindness" [NEW POST]
Loving kindness—embracing ourselves and all beings with a full and tender loving presence.
Guided Meditation (with instructions) - "Lovingkindness (Metta)" 39:55
Guided Meditation (without instructions) - "Lovingkindness (Metta)" 29:49
Guided Meditation - "Loving This Life - Happiness (Metta Practice)" 16:30
Guided Meditation - "Guided Forgiveness Practice" 29:07
Guided Meditation - "Guided Forgiveness Practice" (another - with instructions) 32:04
Guided Meditation - "Awakening Compassion - Tonglen"
Our deepest wisdom and purest actions arise out of open-hearted presence. This meditation, "Awakening Compassion," is drawn from the Tibetan tradition and carries us home to the vastness of loving presence.
Guided Meditation - "Compassion Practice - Tonglen"
Another compassion meditation - this from the 2013 IMCW fall retreat.
Guided Meditation - "Taking Refuge in the Beloved" 23:00

Teaching Talks:  
Practical Dharma for Stressful Times (audio)
When we are caught in a stress reaction, we are in a trance that cuts us off from our creativity, full intelligence and capacity to be loving. This talk explores the flags of the stress-trance and three meditative strategies for shifting from fight/flight to attend/befriend. (at end is "Love the One You're With" by Steven Stills)
Cultivating Compassion (audio)
Cultivating Compassion (video)
We each have the potential to live with a compassionate, open heart. In this talk we explore the conditioning that closes us off to authentic caring, and the ways of deepening our attention that help us live to include widening circles of beings in our heart.
Part 1: The Healing Power of Self-Compassion (audio)
Part 2: The Healing Power of Self-Compassion (audio)
Parts 1 & 2: The Healing Power of Self-Compassion (video)
Learning to hold our own lives with a gentle compassion is a key element in all emotional healing and spiritual awakening. This two part series explores the suffering of being at war with ourselves and the pathway to freeing our hearts. Music at end is Libby Roderick, "How Could Anyone?"
Finding the Juice Inside of Fear (audio)
Finding the Juice Inside of Fear (video)
Learning to bring a mindful presence to fear is an intrinsic part of spiritual awakening. In this talk we look at the ways we get caught in the trance of fear, and how the two wings of presence--clear recognition and openheartedness--can free us. This process of facing unmet fears is necessary not only for our own healing, but for any possibility of peace and the healing of our planet.
Part 1: Three Blessings on the Journey (audio)
Parts 1 & 2: Three Blessings on the Journey (video)
Drawing on a wonderful teaching story from the Upanishads, these two talks explore the role of forgiveness, inner fire and looking at our own minds, in finding freedom.


You might also check out our "Reading & Resources" page. In the Recommended Reading section, the "*" denotes books that are good as an introduction to Buddhist practice and teachings.